How to Make Pure CBD Oil – Making CBD Oil at Home Review

The science of Cannabinoid extraction seems critical, but many people these days prefer to make CBD Oil at home.

CBD Oil which also known as Cannabinoid has plenty of health benefits.

From being an anti-inflammatory CBD Oil act as an anxiolytic, antidepressant which also elevates the mood and good for epileptic seizures.

In women, CBD Oil is used to calm the muscle spasm followed by postmenopausal symptoms.

CBD Oil can be found from different sources, both available online and at physical retailers, but sometimes you have to compromise over quality because you don’t know what they exactly used while extracting it.

Some retailers in the US are the only official dealers who provide pure CBD Oil content, but they are available only if Cannabis is legal in your state.

In order to ease your way and give you the right specimen, we have gathered a precise way to make your own CBD Oil at home.

The process doesn’t include any toxic chemicals, neither any heavy machinery to operate, an ordinary house microwave oven will work just fine.

Benefits of Making CBD Oil at Home

It depends on the selection of your hemp quality, whether you are looking to extract the purest quality or also the method of your extraction.

If you are in urgent need of CBD Oil but also want the pure content, we suggest making CBD Oil at home is the only way through which you can alter the dosage concentration and the presence of other ingredients such as THC.

1) Self Picked Hemp Gives You Purest CBD Oil

The most important role played by the hemp flower which you are turning into oil.

how to make CBD Hemp Oil
CBD Hemp Oil

When you extract the oil from Cannabidiol you also get high content of THC, which has also therapeutic benefits, but you gotta adjust the percentage because once CBD and THC contents are merged you cannot just separate them since you are making it at home.

The finished CBD Oil may or may not contain THC, because it totally depends on the material you picked from the farm.

For example, if you chose THC rick strains to make CBD Oil, chances are you will get the maximum high effects.

The strains of indicia are mostly preferred to make CBD Oil in comparison with Sativa because of its head high effects.

CBD and THC give synergistic effects which are very much helpful for people who are experiencing chronic pain or going under cancer medications.

2) CBD Oil With No THC

If you are fortunate enough that your state has deemed Cannabis legal, then you are can order CBD strain from a dispensary or the official retailers which are licensed by the government.

THC vs CBD - The Key Differences
cbd without thc

These experts can direct you in the right way and you can ask about your requirements.

Hemp flower is legal in 50 states of the US which means you can order and use them to make your own CBD Oil.

Hemp flower only contains 0.3% of THC, which maximize the effects of CBD and other psychoactive contents found in Cannabinoid flower such as:

  • CBN
  • CBG

We are inclined at the quality of hemp strain so much because they define the actual quality of CBD Oil.

You can try it in between by smoking it from a vape or pipe just to taste the effects.

If it wasn’t right, the side effects will be gone within an hour and there is nothing to worry about it.

Taking CBD Oil orally, on the other hand, makes the side effects stay longer for 4-8 hours.

3) CBD Oil Extraction Method

There are 2 methods from which you can extract CBD Oil

Is there a best CBD extraction method
Cannabis Oil Extraction Methods
  • Extraction using Alcohol as a Solvent
  • Extraction using Carrier Oil

There are not many special skills required in this scenario, you just have to be patient and try spending your time near the pot.

In this article, we are describing the 2nd method because dealing with alcohol as a solvent is toxic as well as dangerous.

Science Behind Making CBD Oil At Home

Alright, as you know CBD is lipophilic, a compound that is attracted or soluble in the fat medium.

The hydrophobic (water-hating) nature of CBD Oil is the reason why we use nonpolar solvents which binds effectively with Cannabidiol.

Alcohol has an affinity with the nonpolar molecules which makes it an ideal candidate for the extraction.

The carrier oil is recommended if you are making CBD Oil on your own.

Selection of Ingredients to Make CBD at Home

Making of CBD Oil at Home

Here is the list of ingredients and other things you need

  • An Ounce of Hemp Flower

Whether you choose your own farmed hemp flowers or order it from elsewhere, make sure to crush it into fine pieces. If you cut it into smaller pieces it will be mixed more efficiently and the result will be pure.

  • Carrier Oil-16 Ounces

You can use Coconut oil, olive oil or even butter

  • Double Boiler Pot

The instructions say you should take this method slow and perfectly, after all, you can’t just rush the art!

Providing slow and uniform heat is the key for several hours, which cooks the flower in a perfect way and infused them completely to the oil.

  • Cotton Cloth

Finished oil needs to be strained, cheesecloth is useful in this.

  • Other Appliances

Use a big bowl made by glass or ceramic steel with a spatula to ease the process

2 Steps to Get Purest CBD Oil at Home

Pure CBD Hemp Oil
Pure CBD Oil

Step #1 Decarboxylation

It’s a chemical process which removes a carboxyl group (acidic) from a compound and usually emits CO2.

Cannabidiol at the start contains CBDA which is in inactive form, upon heat and grounding the flowers the acid group will be removed and all you get is CBD.

The whole process should be done on a tray where you usually make biscuits at 105-107 degree Celsius (225 Fahrenheit).

The time duration of heating should be about 60 minutes, after which remove the flowers from the tray and allow it to cool down.

Note: The use of carrier oil is not done in this step.

Step #2 Extraction

After decarboxylating the flower, now it’s time to mix the carrier oil with it.

The ideal way is to mix them both on the top of double boiler pot and place this on the pot with bubbling water.

Upon low heat you will be extracting CBD Oil without making the oil boiled, to which may be crockpot is the better option.

Within 2-3 hours the CBD will be dissolved in the oil, make sure you stir the mixture after every half hour and check the color which would be brownish green.

Now you have got the mixture of Hemp flower mixed in the oil, take a musken or cheesecloth and separate the strains from the oil.

You can squeeze the cloth and eliminate the oil content and discard the remaining starting material.

Place the oil in glass bottle or jar at some dry and dark place.

You’ve Made CBD Oil at Home! Now What??

The CBD Oil can be used orally in a form of soft gelatin capsules or tinctures.

To some people, the taste of CBD Oil is highly bitter to which they can apply it directly on the skin.

The topical administration of CBD Oil is known to treat inflammation, chronic pain, and skin discoloration.

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CBD Oil can be contained in a dropper for use and 3-4 drops twice a day would be sufficient enough for your purposes.

Once you have extracted your own CBD Oil, you can tell the difference in quality because retailers CBD Oil has got some additives in it which somehow compromise their quality effects.

Final Thoughts

CBD Oil is available through many retailers and distributors around the US and it is legal to buy CBD Oil for medicinal purpose only.

Whereas making your own CBD Oil at home is much more affordable, fun and it guarantees to yield the perfect quality compound.

Oil extraction of CBD Oil causes no toxic fumes or flammable situations, it is by far the fastest and easiest way to make CBD Oil.

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