CBD Oil For Weight Loss – How to Lose Weight with CBD Oil

There are so many remarkable benefits of CBD Oil that many people already know about.

From treating seizures to muscular atrophy CBD Oil is getting well known to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells which makes it a valid anticancer medication.

The compound in these hemp plants is not only CBD but there are other various compounds such as THC, which is the reason teenagers, are smoking cannabis joint to get high.

The powerful compound Cannabidiol is unlike THC, it doesn’t make you high, but it rather affects your body therapeutically.

One of the known benefits of CBD Oil is rumored to be weight loss to which only a limited number of people paid attention.

But does it really help in weight loss?

Well, it could be since the list of benefits of CBD Oil has tons of health benefits which are both major and minor.

Some people thought the antidepressant effect of CBD Oil is what that contributes greatly to the weight loss process because no one eats like a depressed person.

Weight Gain in the US

Obesity is the main concern of the United States where a majority number of men and women are above normal BMI.

This is because of the consumption of unhealthy food and maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle that gives rise to other diseases as well, such as diabetes, angina with many heart disease, cancer, and infertility.

The US spends a fortune like money on its health care institutions, but every day more people are diagnosed as obese.

The total weight loss industry is worth $66 billion according to the statistical analysis where 70% of weight loss products or supplements do not work.

Some of the medications or regimens are too costly that not everyone can afford these sort of measures and it is getting expensive every day.

The Truth Behind Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplement which is designed in a lab is rumored to have dangerous chemicals and their manufacturers taken a big pile of profit which comes out of your pocket.

CBD Oil Review for Weight Loss
CBD Oil Review

There are bigger corporations who purposely selling their so-called weight loss supplements and do not allow the natural treatments to come forward.

Take an example of CBD Oil which serves as a weight loss supplements as well, especially for women, but all they know about is the synthetic chemicals like Phentermine.

CBD Oil and other natural ingredients for weight loss are way beneficial than any other constituent and this has been proven by many research institutions.

As people are currently being aware of the truths about CBD Oil, more are coming forward to try this new weight loss technique.

Let’s see how CBD Oil can be used for weight loss.

Does CBD Oil Really Support the Idea of Weight Loss?

CBD Oil is an excellent appetite suppressant, but that’s not easy to digest since the use of cannabis is very much associated with cravings.

So why this fact has been negated?

CBD Oil is actually not THC as mentioned earlier, although they both found in Cannabis.
CBD Oil For Weight Loss Reviews

The hemp plant contains the most of CBD Oil which have contrary effects than THC and that is an appetite suppressant and lowering the blood pressure.

According to the mixture of a number of studies done on CBD Oil, we can state some facts that:

  • CBD Oil stimulates the body metabolism to burn fat
  • It inhibits the generation of new fat cells
  • It replaces the fat synthesis with protein synthesis

Doctors and endocrinologists in the US do not consider CBD Oil as medication, but they rather prefer the term vitamin which is essential for your body requirements.

CBD Oil gives many other benefits to your body from making you happier to treat the oxidative stress, which is a prime target of weight loss supplements.

How CBD Actually Help With Weight Loss? Deep Insight

Here is the science behind how CBD or CBD Oil can help you lose the maximum number of weight.

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The facts mentioned below are studied and clinically tested after which they are being provided to the general audience.

1) CBD Fights Cortisol

Cortisol is a major stress hormone which induces feelings of worthlessness and lows where a person chooses to eat more than usual.

This is why depressed individuals become obese faster than normal, CBD is potential for erasing this hormone from your system and replace it with Dopamine, serotonin like a hormone that brings a feeling of joy in your CNS and makes you mentally related.

Another part where Cortisol causes weight gain is the depletion of Testosterone.

It is proven that Cortisol stops the production of testosterone, which is why you are never sexually aroused while you are stressed, and it also allows your body to store more fat since testosterone work as a fat burner and now its gone!

2) CBD Suppress Appetite

CBD prevents or blocks CB1 receptors, which actually signal the brain to produce ghrelin, a hunger-stimulating hormone.

The CBD also supports the idea of leptin generation which is thought to release upon only when a person is full.

This means CBD actually increases the feeling of satiety even without letting a person eat, CBD is an excellent treatment for balancing the homeostasis process in the body which regulates the overall metabolisms.

3) CBD Eradicate Fats from Mitochondrial Level

Adipose or Fat cells are of two types

  • White Cells
    • Brown Cells

The white cells are pure fat which contains a toxic amount of fats that keeps on multiplying.

On the other hand, brown cells are enriched with an excess amount of mitochondria, a powerhouse for the cell.

CBD tends to increase the metabolic state of white cells and with the help of a process called “Browning“, it converts them into brown cells.

So whenever you do a workout, the brown cells will supply you a tremendous amount of energy where you burn a large number of remaining white cells.

The browning effect of CBD Oil is tested by and experienced by many customers who are in the bodybuilding or fitness field.

4) CBD Improves Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the reasons for weight gain, which disturb the overall hormonal balance.

According to one study, men and women who are deprived of sleep have a low level of leptin and which makes a person more craved and hungry.

Sometimes this process is accompanied by an intense amount of ghrelin where a person keeps on eating and doesn’t get full. 

Due to lack of sleep sometimes a condition is known as “Jet Lag” occurs where a confused state between ghrelin and leptin is formed.

CBD improves sleep quality and sleeps patterns by maintaining the hormonal balance and producing dopamine, which improves sleep quality better than anything inside or outside.

5) Psychological Balance

One more thing, CBD do not target the fat burning process by one way only.

It covers the overall aspects of healthy physiology which includes better sleep, enhanced mood, and energy level, healthy immune system and perfect hormonal balance.

Combining all these things with a proper workout schedule and maintained a healthy diet, you can achieve a slimmer and fat-free physique in no time.

How to Use CBD Oil – CBD Dosage For Weight Loss

The right dosage of CBD for weight loss isn’t one, but it all depends on the current weight and age of a person.

how to use CBD oil to lose weight
CBD Oil Dosage for Weight Loss

If a normal 25 years to 40 years old taking CBD Oil, a dose of 4 drops sublingually is advised or if you have another form of CBD product use it according to the instructions on the label.

CBD Oil drops are the best way for CBD intake which is both safe and effective.

For weight loss, CBD can be given in various forms such as soft gelatin capsules, transdermal patches or the solutions.

Final Thoughts – Should You Try CBD Oil for Weight Loss?

Respecting the opinions about CBD Oil from different people across the country we may suggest from a safety concern that use of CBD Oil is very safer than other weight loss supplements.

Let’s just say for the sake of argument, men and women who are taking CBD Oil for weight loss may not lose weight, but they can treat another form of toxic diseases dwelling in their system.

The fact that CBD Oil stops the fat production and increase the feeling of satiety is very well enough to give it a try.

Furthermore, it happens to regulate blood sugar level and hormonal balance which helps a person lose weight with safety.


By Lance Stewart

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