Cbd For Cats With Anxiety: Is It Worth It – Here’s What You Need to Know

CBD for Cats: Benefits, Safety, and Dosage – All you should know before trying.

Cats are immensely beloved pets that have been with us for millions of years.

It’s hard to rule out every characteristic of your pet cat but sometimes they are attached to you and show you how they feel.

Pet medicines have been here for decades and one of those has been introduced lately for pets.

It’s called CBD Oil and YES it can be used on Cats.

We are talking about cats with anxiety, cats with aggression, cats in heat, or cats peeing around the corners frequently.

Cannabis is a natural treatment for various ailments in humans as well as in animals. Many studies on cannabis say it can help lessen inflammation and promote sound sleep.

Although, not many studies confirm the fact that CBD provides the same mechanism in cats as it does in humans. But we will see those effects which are associated with CBD for Cats.

What is CBD Oil for Cats?

CBD Oil is one of the compounds extracted from a cannabis plant which have non-psychoactive and health-boosting properties.

CBD is not THC because it does not lead to the high affects you get when you smoke the pot.

CBD Oil is derived from the hemp or marijuana plant which has the highest concentration of Cannabinoid while only 0.03% of THC.

Therefore, hemp-derived CBD is legal and also considered equally safer for both humans and animals.

There is a study about how THC could be harmful to your pets when given in the same amount as provided to humans.

It is that’s why important to track down the percentage of THC in CBD Oil which can uplift your cat’s mood and reduce any serious or mild ailments to improve their quality of life.

Does CBD Works on Cats?

Many cat owners reported they had a chance to see the success of CBD for Cats, according to them the CBD took care of a variety of ailments in their cars which somehow works as it does in humans.

Before introducing the CBD or any supplement to your cats, a short visit to the Vet would ease the situation.

While many Vets in US confirms the use of CBD Oil for Cats for their overall well-being.

How Does CBD Oil for Cats Work?

sad cat

As we found out not so many years ago than Cats also have an Endocannabinoids System which helps them get the proper benefits from CBD preparations.

Like it worked on the rest of us, CBD provides relief from anxiety and stress to your cats while lessening the pain in many ways.

In some studies, which are based on anecdotal experienced, cats with weaker limbs or arthritis got their mojo back after going through CBD therapy.

The long-term studies on CBD for Cats are however missing to clear out this notion even further. But for now, we know CBD appears to be safe and effective for pets like cats and dogs.

One of the studies suggests the effect of CBD for cats can be dangerous ONLY because of the high amount of THC in the CBD Oil.

This may require a different type of CBD Oil with modified dosages just for cats.

What are the Benefits of Using CBD for Cats?

The most common use of CBD is the reduction of pain and thereby the pain mediators in the mammals.

CBD for Cats, a study done by Cornell University stating that CBD Oil is great at treating pain because it targets a receptor called Villanoid Receptor and prevents it from getting activated.

In cats, neurological disorders such as aggression or seizures are common, CBD is an excellent neuroprotective agent that helps in treating these disorders.

Some very clear benefits of CBD Oil involve treating the following conditions in Cats.

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Frequent Urination
  • Seizures
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome

Which CBD Oil for Cats is the Best?

petly cbd for pets

The best types of CBD Oil for cats come with a bundle of other ingredients which makes it tasty and nutritious to those furballs.

Many CBD Oil comes with an extract of MCT or Coconut Oil which can be mixed in a treat for cats or given directly.

PetlyCBD supplies a wide range of CBD Oil for humans, dogs, and cats which can be ingested by the Cats pretty easily in a smaller dose.

You can visit their Official Website and find other dosages depending on your feline health.

How Do I Use the CBD for Cats?

cbd for cats

The best way to use CBD for cats is simply adding some drops to your cat’s food bowl or mix it with the food.

Most cats will run directly to you with the smell of the oil. This is a good practice than giving your cat CBD through the sublingual channel which can be irritating to them.

In studies, the effects of CBD on cats are pronounced when given on an empty stomach.

To test this, try giving your cat CBD at the time of the morning and then try one in the evening.

You can run this practice for a week until you find from their behavior as they tend to become more vulnerable and mellow.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Give to Your Cat?

The ideal dose of CBD for Cats is 2-4mg per 10 pounds which is a good start for them.

This amount is twice the size what we give to the dogs but there is a reason for that.

Dogs have many cannabinoid receptors so they can get the same effects as cats which don’t have as many CBD receptors.

Cats with seizures should be given 4-6mg of PetlyCBD per 10 pounds.

Again, it all depends on the severity of your pet’s condition, if they are going through a difficult condition the CBD dosage will be more.

You can start with some drops until they feel happier, mellow, and sleepy. Giving your cats an extra dose of CBD Oil will not harm them but don’t make it a habit.

The CBD for Cats works within 45 minutes and lasts for around 6 hours, this timing also depends on breed, the severity of the condition, and the food that you give them which shapes their own personal chemistry.

CBD for Cats – Is It Safe?

Most of the vet doctors say CBD Oil is generally safe for the cats.

In some cases, owners might have to see the adverse effects appearing after giving their Cats CBD Oil.

These side effects are GI upset, sedation which gets disappeared after quitting CBD Oil intake.

Since there is only a limited amount of studies done on CBD for Cats so the dosage must be strictly monitored and given under the vet’s supervision for the first time.

The best way to minimize the side effects of CBD for Cats is to provide accurate doses.

Avoid the use of non-regulated CBD Oil products available in the market, that’s why we chose the Vet-Approved brand PetlyCBD which has a full-spectrum CBD Oil with no additives harmful to the felines.

It’s easy to track the regulation on the CBD Oil for pets by only seeing if the product is third-party lab tested.

Can I Use CBD for Cats along with Other Medications?

If your cat is already on the vet prescribed medications, it’s always a wise idea to consult with him first before giving your cat CBD dose.

In the US, most Vets are aware of the benefits of CBD for Cats and will help you right away when asked any questions about it.

But again, never choose CBD Oil with more than 0.03% THC contents inside as it may be harmful to your cats.

CBD works well for cats with anxiety and therefore it won’t interact with other medications.

CBD for Cats – Conclusion

We can’t see them suffering at all! Cats are wonderful and somehow fragile creatures that trust their owners blindly like all other animals.

Like humans, they also get afflicted by various ailments that need to be treated before it starts making them crazy or rapid.

Seeing your cat suffering from anxiety, depression, pain, or inflammation, the first thing you should do is call a Vet and fix an appointment.

The use of CBD for Cats is approved by a Scientific Vet Community but cautions must be taken as always.

Never use the CBD Oil on cats which are for human use, buy the only CBD made for pets like PetlyCBD.

By Lance Stewart

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