CBD Oil Australia – States in Australia Where You Can Find CBD Oil

CBD Oil is the next level of pain management, which has other various benefits to offer.

In Australia the awareness about CBD Oil has knocked a question amongst many health care professionals which are, can CBD Oil be used to treat pain? And of course, there is a large group of doctors who have stood up in the support of making CBD Oil legal.

Medically speaking, the use of CBD Oil is increasing where the doctors are giving this natural therapy to the patient who is facing conditions like epilepsy, sleep disorder, anxiety, depression, cancer pain, arthritis, and other dermatological disorders.

What is CBD Oil?

Those who misinterpret CBD with THC should clear their facts that CBD oil is the product produced by a hemp plant which has a more CBD (Cannabidiol) content than THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound which is not popularly used for getting high, instead, it has some sensible uses like pain management, to overcome anxiety, improve sleep quality etc.

Top 8 CBD Products in Australia

The science of Pharmacognosy states that THC is the prime cannabinoid in the cannabis plant after which CBD is the second one. But in the case of HEMP plant which is a different scenario, CBD is found in excess with a little amount of THC inside.

How CBD Oil Works?

CBD oil presents its therapeutic action in different ways which are:

1) Activating Serotonin Receptors

At a high concentration CBD oil stimulates the serotonin receptors, which minimize the anxiety attacks and induce a feeling of well-being. This will also affect your appetite and other inhibits the vomiting receptors.

2) Activating Vanilloid Receptors

The exact receptor to which the constituent of CBD oil bind is TRPV1 which is known to mediate pain and maintain body temperature to an optimum range.

Upon activation, these receptors exert analgesic and antiseptic properties which have influenced many researchers to replace it with the NSAIDs.

3) GPR55 Receptors Inhibitor

Most commonly known as the orphan receptor, GPR55 is cancer proliferating receptor which also causes conditions like osteoporosis by interfering the bone density and metabolic processes.

Scientific studies conclude CBD Oil as a GPR55 antagonist which inhibits the stimulation of orphan receptors, thereby inhibiting its effects.

One must be safe to assume that CBD oil has a positive impact on cancer cells which is to stop its growth and multiplication.

4) PPAR Receptor Agonist

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors are located in the cell’s nucleus. The activation of these receptors is associated with an anti-proliferative effect on lungs cancer and also deactivation of amyloid-beta plaque which is the key compound to develop Alzheimer disease.

CBD Oil is the agonist of PPAR receptor which means it promotes the activation of these receptors, leading to end phase of the neuron degenerating process during Alzheimer disease.

Uses of CBD Oil

50 years of research and they got a big pile of data stating the benefits of CBD Oil to human health.

In many countries of the world such as the UK, CBD Oil has been approved to treat the epileptic patient which has reduced their seizures by 40%.

The immediate results you get from CBD oil are the reason why many doctors are switching valproic acid to CBD oil.

There are 23,000 scientific papers which indicate the medical use of CBD oil is indeed a future of drug replacement therapy.

Individuals who are suffering from the health issues listed below can take benefits from CBD Oil.

  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Depression
  • Malnourishment, due to low or no appetite
  • Skin disorders
  • Joint pain
  • Cancer management, initial or mild stage
  • Maniac attacks
  • Alzheimer disease

Is CBD Oil Legal in Australia?

CBD Oil is classified as a Schedule 4 drug in Australia; in some states, it can only be obtained upon prescription from a valid physician.

best cbd oil in australia
CBD Oil Australia

Majority of the Australian states have legalized the use of Cannabis or Marijuana for the recreational purposes while in some their use is illegal. But if you are using CBD Oil for medical purposes, you won’t be getting into any trouble and that is for sure.

The availability of CBD oil in Australia is the big question because there is no big supplier to which the government of Australia has made their contract with.

It’s legal but inaccessible

Many doctors in Australia are trying to switch their patients to CBD oil for pain management because the side effects of the painkillers are many.

Including gastric ulcer and abdominal pain which then creates other problems for already ill patients.

Where Can You Find CBD Oil in Australia?

States in Australia where you can find CBD Oil are Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

CBD was listed as a Schedule 9 drug but now it is changed to Schedule 4 meaning it is fully legal in Australia if you have a doctor’s prescription or serious medical condition for which CBD Oil is prescribed.

CBD Oil with less than 0.3% of THC can be purchased from many locations such as Chemist Warehouse, Woolworth and Priceline.

You can also buy CBD Oil from the official websites of the given sources where the exclusive information about the product is also given.

Not every CBD Oil needs a doctor’s prescription but it is advised not to take it without having a medical condition.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Stores?

In Australia, there is a large number of retail or pharmacy stores which supplies organic CBD Oil since they are perfectly safe with less than 0.3% of THC there is nothing illegal in buying these products.

In the United States, the CBD oil availability is in 50 different states, whereas in Australia only some states are allowed to sell CBD oil where the prevalence of medical conditions treated by Cannabidiol is present.

Purchasing CBD Oil products online in Australia is possible now.

You can find CBD Oil in Perth, CBD oil in Melbourne, Sydney CBD oil is available.

The sources which are mentioned below may or may not have the exact CBD Oil type which you are looking for but they sure have other hemp products.

1) Chemist Warehouse CBD Oil

cbd oil chemist warehouse

Chemist Warehouse is the largest pharmacy retailer in Australia, which is known for offering discounted prices on pharmaceutical goods.

According to the TGA’s demand where it is illegal to hold CBD oil unless you have a license issued by Offer of Drug Control, that does not case with Chemist warehouse as they already have a permit to sell CBD Oil to those individuals who have prescribed by the doctors.

Their online website is selling different varieties of CBD Oil ranging from different price and with different CBD percentages.

2) Woolworth CBD Oil

cbd oil woolworths

Woolworth is an Australian supermarket chain which has been operating since 1924.

There are large numbers of hemp products available in Woolworth but not CBD Oil as they might not have the legal permission to sell CBD in Woolworth. You can get capsules which have little content of CBD.

There are rumors the TGA will soon grant the permission to the largest superstores chain to place CBD into their shelves which is happening in not so distant future.

Here is the online link for you to buy the original CBD Oil.

3) Priceline CBD Oil

cbd oil priceline

According to our research, Priceline is devoid of the CBD oil both online and their physical stores.

The American commercial website shows no results when you type CBD Oil in Australia, however, it is possible that it supplies CBD Oil to the US region.

This raises a question, is CBD Oil legal in Australia or is it still banned?

Customer Reviews about CBD Oil

The legal use of CBD Oil in Australia has created an extreme hype by the people who actually got well-treated by this natural drug.

Most people who are getting CBD Oil therapies suffering from epilepsy where they get prolong and disturbing seizures. After those individuals who are going under cancer therapy uses CBD Oil to subside painful conditions.

I was surprised by the effects of CBD Oil after it helped my 1o years old daughter with the distressing seizures. The drug use has caused many side effects to her body, but I cannot see a single dangerous thing about CBD Oil administration.

Paula- Melbourne

CBD Hemp Oil is the reason why I still remember things of this age. I am 60 years old and I was diagnosed as an Alzheimer patient at the age of 55. The sedative drugs didn’t help me a single, but unless I started using CBD oil for the back pain. Surprisingly it helped me with the pain as well as with my memory issues. It’s good to once again remember the names and addresses the right way.

George- Sydney

CBD Oil Australia – What Businessmen have to Say?

Paun Benhaim admitted that his company (Hemp Foods Australia) sells the CBD products in the United States without any restraint.

where to buy cbd oil in Australia
buy cbd oil in Australia

In the US, these products are sold over the counter because they are considered safe for human consumption, said Mr. Benhaim.

“In Australia that is considered a highly dangerous prescription medicine only so, we can’t actually sell the products we sell everywhere else in the world for people in Australia without having a license from the Office of Drug Control.”

Final Verdict

CBD Oil is available in many states of Australia but only if you have the prescription.

Although there are some legit websites or online pages which sells the CBD oil, which is currently is not being sold by Priceline or Woolworth.

The answer to where to buy CBD Oil in Australia is to visit the authentic suppliers or their online channels which may deliver you the right quality CBD Oil for strictly medical purposes.

Australian citizens are demanding to legalize the use of CBD Oil as by some estimation up to 100,000 Australians are currently using medical cannabis purchased from the black market.

Legalizing CBD and Cannabis made products can contribute to the economy as well as the healthcare institutions where the drugs induced side effects caused more deaths per year.



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