Charlotte’s Web Cbd Review – What is CBD Oil Good for?

Is Charlotte’s Web hemp oil or CBD oil? Does Charlotte’s Web CBD oil make you high?

Charlotte’s web CBD – cover the capsules, gummies, CBD oil – complete product review

The use of CBD products has attained widespread popularity within a short span.

CBD products contain hemp, wherein the content of THC in the cannabis is comparatively less. Owing to this, while one gets the benefits of cannabis, he doesn’t have to worry about getting high.

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Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

Farm Bill has legalized hemp under federal law. However, its manufacture and distribution are still regulated by the Food and Drug Administration to ensure its close supervision.

Why are people drawn to CBD?

What benefits can it possibly have to offer? Well, for one thing, studies show that CBD alleviates the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It also helps in dealing with a sleep disorder.

The popularity of CBD can be attributed to the fact that it is non psychoactive; that is, it doesn’t make you high.

The increasing demand for CBD products has led to an influx of brands launching their products in the market. While this makes buying CBD convenient, there is one problem.

You simply can’t be sure of the quality.

After all, you wouldn’t want your health to be compromised due to substandard CBD, would you? Once you endeavor to shop for CBD products online, you will realize how challenging it can be. There are a plethora of brands and companies. Determining which ones are legit and which is merely a scam can be a challenging feat indeed.

Insufficient research can land you in quite a bit of trouble. Sometimes, people buy low-quality CBD and then wonder why they aren’t getting the desired results.

You can evade this by reading reviews online.

The reviews will give you a fair idea of what you can expect when you go for certain brands.

Today, we are going to shed some light on Charlotte’s Web CBD.

We will go through all the aspects of the brand in this detailed Charlotte’s web CBD review. By the end of it, it will become a whole lot easier for you to determine whether this brand is indeed worth your money.

The background story of Charlotte’s Web CBD

If you really want to know a brand and its product, you should begin by finding out more about its background. This would give you a fair idea about whether the brand will give due attention to quality or not. So that’s where we will begin our Charlotte’s web CBD review.

Let’s go back in time and find out how it all started.

Charlotte’s web CBD was founded back in 2012 by seven Stanley brothers. Since then, there has been no looking back for the company. Currently, it produces numerous commercially available CBD products, including tinctures to CBD oil and gummies, and even pet treats.

The brothers generated quite a buzz in 2012 as they developed a new strain of hemp, which was high in CBD but has a low concentration of THC. What made them interested in hemp? There’s quite a story there too.

During the early 2010s, the Stanley brothers, who were medical marijuana growers at that point, met a young girl, Charlotte, with Dravet syndrome. This is a rare and severe form of pediatric epilepsy.

Charlotte’s condition continued to worsen, and her seizures increased in frequency.

Her parents were desperate for a solution. No traditional medication showed any results. The seizures did stop with a ketogenic diet, but that meant that the girl has to lose significant bone mass too. Her parents had heard that medical cannabis could cure epilepsy.

They decided to use this information and got their hands on an extract. Within a week, Charlotte’s seizures decreased dramatically. As expected, her parents went through multiple medical marijuana dispensaries so that they could ensure a long-term supply for their little girl.

During one such attempt, they came across the Stanley brothers, including Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jordan, Jared, Josh, and Austin.

The brothers grew medical marijuana together. The Stanley brothers then focused all their attention on developing a strain with high CBD and low THC.

This ensured that children like Charlotte could enjoy the health benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effects.

Charlotte’s condition improved drastically. The girl who used to experience as many as 50 seizures in a day now had less than a handful of such episodes in a month. And the best thing was that there weren’t any significant side effects of this seizure therapy.

The success story created waves, and other families, too, showed their interest in the strains.

As a result, the Stanley brothers decided to name their company after the little girl. And that’s how Charlotte’s Web was found.

Epidolex, the first drug containing CBD, was approved by FDA in 2018 for the treatment of epilepsy. This was indeed a milestone that became possible only due to successful case studies like that of Charlotte’s.

The Stanley brothers continue to operate the company and have come a long way since then. The Charlotte’s strain has now been adapted into a new version sourced from industrial hemp. It is now legally available throughout the nation.

The brothers did not forget their beginning despite the company’s success. They didn’t turn their back on their philanthropic activities either. Even to date, 2% of the pre-tax revenue generated by the company goes to various charitable organizations. The brothers also laid the foundation of the Realm of Caring, which is a nonprofit organization committed to medical cannabis research and education.

The organization also extends financial support and resources to all the families who can’t afford medical marijuana treatment.

It is indeed incredible how far the company has come since it was established. But the popularity hasn’t deterred its commitment to quality. They continue to produce high-quality CBD products without fail.

The reputation of Charlotte’s Web CBD

charlotte's web cbd oil reviews

Charlotte’s Web is among the most renowned and well known CBD brands.

However, this doesn’t imply that the brand hasn’t been subjected to scrutiny and controversy over the years.

Indeed, the company got a warning letter from the FDA for labeling one of their products as a dietary supplement.

But nothing can deny the fact that the company has received countless positive reviews from consumers. Furthermore, the company is certified by the US hemp authority. 

Therefore, as far as legitimacy is concerned, you don’t have anything to worry about. The brand is a trusted source of hemp products that have been in the industry for quite a long time and is therefore well aware of all the regulations.

How transparent is Charlotte’s web CBD?

It is undoubtedly difficult to trust a company that’s not transparent about their manufacture and ingredients of its products. That’s not an issue with Charlotte’s Web. The company is quite open about its product ingredients. They even offer batch-specific certificates of analysis online.

They don’t shy away from sharing the process of hemp manufacture. Everything, from the planting process to quality control methods, is available for the world to know.

They adhere to the FDA’s approved manufacturing processes.

Thus, when it comes to quality, the brand has set high standards. Their transparency is evidence of the fact they have nothing to hide and are confident of their product.

This is surely reassuring for all the CBD users out there. After all, when health is at stake, no chances can be taken.

How much do Charlotte’s web products cost?

If potency is to be considered, Charlotte’s Web products are relatively inexpensive compared to other brands of the market. Their products lie within the price range of $15 to $100. This isn’t all.

charlotte's web cbd oil for sale

The company also offers frequent discounts and rewards. Therefore, their products wouldn’t be too hard on your pockets.

The company grows its hemp in Colorado. Although the hemp isn’t certified organic as of now, the process for certification is underway.

All the products produced by the brand are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

Since the products are third-party tested, the quality isn’t questionable. You know what you are signing up for when it comes to Charlotte’s Web CBD.

The pros of Charlotte’s Web CBD

So what are the benefits you get by opting for Charlotte’s web products? What makes them worth the money? Let’s find out!


The company has its roots in the US. Based in Colorado, the company produces hemp products that are sourced in the US. After all, one has to think about the country’s economy, too, right?


What more could hemp enthusiasts want than a company that’s committed to CBD research and development? Charlotte’s Web supports CBD and hemp products and also plays a role in promoting its health benefits.

This isn’t all. They have a rigorous process of batch testing, which makes sure that the consumers don’t have to worry about quality control.


At the end of the day, one can’t deny the importance of a budget. You can’t really make use of something with a relaxed frame of mind if you are worried about money. This isn’t something you have to face with Charlotte’s web products.

Their products are reasonably priced, ensuring that you can get your hands on your essential supply without your budget hitting through the roof.

Are there any cons of using Charlotte’s web products?

We will be lying if we say that you don’t have to think about a few problems while buying Charlotte’s web products?

So what are the downsides of dealing with the company? Let’s take a look!

Expensive shipping

The shipping costs can be staggeringly high if you are ordering the products from the company’s official website.


The company has had a few run-ins with the FDA regarding regulations and labeling of the products.  The brand has since then been more cautious about its branding and labeling. They now clearly state the content of CBD in all their products.

How to select the right Charlotte’s Web product?

Charlotte’s Web offers many variations. How then should you determine which CBD product would work best for you?

CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil and Hemp Oil Products

This can, indeed, be confusing. After all, if you don’t know what exactly to look for, how will you make the right choice?

Before buying anything, ask yourself this, why are you using the CBD product? This will make it easier for you to determine what would work for you.

Let us give you an example.

Perhaps you have excruciating pain in some localized area. In that case, a topical will work best for you. On the other hand, if you have issues like anxiety or sleeping disturbances, gummies and capsules will be better suited to your requirements.

You can also pay heed to the added ingredients in the products that might be of help to you.

For instance, some products contain melatonin that can help in sleep. Others have ingredients added for pain relief. In the end, it all comes down to the effects you are looking for.

The brand tries to make the decision easier for you by providing you with a product finder feature on their website.

You can also use the customer reviews to get some idea of what’s working for other people in a condition similar to yours.

You can also seek help from a clinician who has adequate knowledge about CBD. They would be able to guide you regarding the dose and route of administration that’s more suitable for you.

If nothing else works, you can always try the trial and error method. Be open to experiment and try a few products before finding something that works for you.

How to use Charlotte’s web products?

The brand tries to make things easier for consumers in every way possible. Therefore, you wouldn’t find yourself at a loss to understand how to use their products even if you are a beginner.

They give quite a lot of information on their website and packaging. You will find directions and suggestions that will assist you regarding the use of the products.

If you are a beginner, you will soon realize that it takes a while to determine the dose of CBD that would work for you.

It’s advisable to start with a low dose and increase it gradually. Assess your condition after a week of use. If you feel that the effects aren’t as strong as you would have liked, you can increase the dose slightly to gauge the difference.

Things are not so simple with topical products. How much should you apply to your skin? It is best to use as much as you would use any other topical product. You can increase the amount if you don’t feel any difference after some time.

There is one thing that we should mention. Effects of CBD might take days or even weeks to be apparent. Don’t expect any magical experience as soon as you take the first dose.

Are there any Side effects to Charlotte’s web products?

On the whole, CBD is safe, and therefore Charlotte’s web products shouldn’t really put your health in harm’s way.

However, some people might experience side effects like;

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight change
  • Changes in appetite

According to some research, the risk of side effects of the products will increase if you take high-fat meals alongside. This is because the blood concentration of CBD increases with high-fat meals.

You should also keep in mind that CBD can interact with some medications.

Therefore, if you have any underlying medical condition, discuss it with your doctor before using any Charlotte’s web products. You wouldn’t want the products to do more harm than good. Drug interactions can be dangerous at times.

Some products by Charlotte’s Web

Now that we have discussed the various aspects of Charlotte’s Web let us mention some of the popular products produced by the brand.

After all, you should know why the brand is so popular.

Original Formula CBD Oil
Charlotte's web CBD OIL

This is where it all began. Yes, this is the first product that the brand ever produced.

Charlotte’s Web original CBD oil that was initially made in small batches through the process of alcohol extraction comprises 50mg of CBD per millimeter.

It comes in mint chocolate and olive oil flavor. You can select the flavor and strength as per your preference.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract-Infused Gummies
Charlotte's web CBD Gummies

This is a good choice for those who have been having a difficult time coping with stress.

It offers mental clarity and tranquility. It doesn’t hurt that the product has a good taste too. It’s available in various flavors, so you can select something that suits your preference. Around 10 milligrams is present in each gummy.

The gummies also comprise natural ingredients that further relax you. Charlotte’s web product can be a valuable ally in times of stress and anxiety.

Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Cooling Gel
Charlotte's web CBD Cooling Gel

If a soothing topical is what you need, this one can be a good choice. It is natural, vegan, and gluten-free.

Furthermore, it doesn’t comprise any synthetic additives. Three main ingredients form part of this topical, including hemp, menthol, and arnica. You can rub this gel for relief, and you will feel the effects instantly.

Charlotte’s Web 60mg Formula
Charlotte's web CBD Products for sale

You can find a wide range of potency in Charlotte’s web products.

However, apart from the Original Formula, it’s this product which is most preferred by the consumers.

Unlike Original Formula, this product doesn’t follow the alcohol extraction process. This one is created via the CO2 extraction method. During this process, hemp is penetrated with cold liquefied carbon dioxide gas.

This ensures that maximum beneficial compounds are extracted from the plant. No residue is left behind, and the CBD flavor is smoother.

Most people prefer this product because the taste of the hemp isn’t very noticeable in it. If you want to avoid the leafy flavor, this formula will be good for you.

What do Charlotte’s web products offer?

Why is it that people prefer Charlotte’s web products? What’s so special about them?

Here’s what the products offer.

Amazing taste!

The flavor of Charlotte’s web products wins you over. They have a wide array of delicious options that is enough to leave anyone impressed.

The most popular ones are the mint chocolate and olive oil flavors. The mint chocolate has a rich and refreshing taste. Whether you take it with a beverage or sublingually, don’t have to worry about the experience being torture for your palette.

If you don’t want anything too noticeable and instead wish to enjoy a subtle yet versatile flavor, the olive oil is going to be perfect. It doesn’t hurt that you get to enjoy the added benefits of olive oil alongside too.

Not enticed by either of these flavors? Don’t worry. There’s plenty to choose from, like Lemon Twist and Orange Blossom. Irrespective of which flavor you choose, you can be assured that Charlotte’s web oil will not let you down in terms of effects.

Instant relief with the capsules

Charlotte’s web CBD capsules have become quite popular and are giving a tough competition to liquid oil. Why? It’s quite simple, actually. These capsules provide the consumers with the opportunity to get the powerful effects of Charlotte’s web oils but with more convenience.

The capsules are easy to dose as well. You can take them whenever you want with a lot of ease. These capsules are available in various strengths and bottles. You can stock them up and save a ton of money as well.

Furthermore, if you are using the dose via the trial and error method, the capsules are going to be easier to manage.

A chance to enjoy CBD

A lot of people seem to think that if they want to reap the benefits of CBD, they have to forgo their enjoyment. That isn’t something you will have to face while using Charlotte’s web CBD gummies.

These are 10mg treats that taste amazing. They are designed specifically for sleep and to promote calmness. Using CBD has never been easier!

The gummies for calmness are available in the lemon-lime flavor. They make you feel relaxed without being sleepy. Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed? Here’s what can help you out!

If you are unable to have natural, high-quality sleep, the delicious raspberry-flavored gummies can be of immense help! They are enriched with melatonin apart from CBD. Falling asleep had never been easier. Indeed, you will doze off within mere minutes after taking one of these gummies.

A lot of people have a difficult time recovering post a workout session. If you are one of them, the ginger-flavored gummies can be perfect for you. They are infused with turmeric and ginger roots. The joints are reinforced, and muscle regeneration is also aided. These gummies will make it easier for you to recover post a heavy workout!

There is plenty of other stuff offered by Charlotte’s Web too. You can explore their online shop and be amazed by their versatility. Apart from CBD and hemp oil, they also offer CBD isolates, topical creams, and a lot of items for pets too.

Indeed, their collection leaves little to desire. It’s quite unlikely that you wouldn’t find what you are looking for in Charlotte’s web online shop.

Can I access lab test results for Charlotte’s web products?

Of course, you can!

The company has shown a high level of commitment to rigorous research and batch testing. One simply can’t trust CBD products unless they undergo independent testing. After all, you need to have a clear idea of what you are signing up for.

Therefore, it is highly crucial that you take a look at the certificates of analysis before buying any product. This will let you know about the type of CBD extract the product contains and the quality it upholds.

Charlotte’s Web understands this. Therefore, the brand has ensured that all the information is accessible by consumers with ease. You can find it online on their website. It isn’t even difficult.

All you have to do is type the lot number of your CBD product on the batch reports page. You will then be provided with all the details, including the cannabinoid profile, test results, potency, and a lot more.

Will I get high with Charlotte’s Web CBD?


The concern of getting high is legit while consuming CBD. After all, you don’t want to deal with any unforeseen intoxicating effects.

Charlotte’s Web offers full-spectrum hemp products.

They are quite careful about the amount of THC in their products. Therefore, you can be assured that you aren’t in for any surprises. Their products won’t make you high. You can get all the desired results without any psychoactive effects.

Who can use Charlotte’s Web CBD products?

Are you wondering whether you can use Charlotte’s Web CBD products? Don’t worry! We have all the answers.

Charlotte's web CBD 30% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER

Charlotte’s web CBD producers can be used by all those who need CBD oil to get rid of chronic pain or anxiety.

Those who want to use CBD to speed up recovery post-workout or deal with the daily stress will also find Charlotte’s web products highly effective.

If you prefer CBD oil tinctures or topicals, Charlotte’s web CBD products won’t let you down. Their products are ideal for all those who want the benefits of hemp but don’t like its natural flavor.

By buying Charlotte’s web CBD, you will also extend support to a brand that’s committed to philanthropic activities.


There are a lot of factors that work in favor of Charlotte’s Web CBD.

The brand’s commitment to small batch testing, its transparent approach, and its focus on promoting health are some of the aspects that entice one to use their products.

The Stanley brothers have undoubtedly put their heart and soul into their company. At the same time, they have ensured that the company products aren’t so expensive that they are out of reach for many.

Anyone who wants to reap the benefits of CBD can use Charlotte’s web products.

Right from the manufacturing process to packaging and distribution, the company pays exquisite attention to detail. They maintain strict quality control and ensure that their products undergo strict testing.

When you invest in Charlotte’s web products, you can be assured that you are getting your money’s worth. The company wouldn’t betray your trust.

There’s a reason that the company is considered the gold standard for CBD. If you really want to make full use of the benefits of CBD, you know where to turn.

The brand has earned a profound reputation, and its products wouldn’t give you a reason to complain.

When it comes to CBD products, quality and reliability are the two most important factors, and Charlotte’s Web understands that. Trust the Stanley brothers to provide you with just the results you are looking for and more!

We have covered everything there is to know about Charlotte’s Web products.

You can now make up your mind on what works for you!

By Lance Stewart

Lance Stewart, is a comedian, influencer and content producer. He began his career on Vine and quickly became one of the “most popular Vine stars in the world” (Business Insider) by consistently dominating multiple “Best of Vine” lists (Huffington Post).