CBD Vs CBG Comparison Review

CBD vs CBG or you can say Cannabidiol vs Cannabigiol – Discover the real comparison review on benefits, uses, side effects and more.

The complete CBG Research and Benefits – Is it Better Than CBD Oil?

Cannabinoids are the main part of the Cannabis plant which makes it potentially beneficial for health.

CBD in the list of Cannabinoids is the non-psychoactive compound which has another companion called Cannabigerol (CBG).

Although the amount found of Cannabigerol in the Cannabis plant is equal to 1% it’s getting whole attention from health care professionals around the world.

The world is referring to Phytocannabinoids now which are natural chemicals with 0 risks to the health.

Cannabis plants contain numerous compounds, mainly called Cannabinoids.

These are mostly terpenes, flavonoids but the pharmacological efficacy lies in the CBD.

Both CBD and CBG interact with the body’s very own Endocannabinoid system which maintains a healthy equilibrium of the body.

CBD History

From the dawn of civilization, mankind has been using cannabinoids like THC and CBD to improve their mental status.

It is true THC is responsible for euphoria and intoxication in humans but it has powerful pharmacology, starting with the treating cancer cells and overcomes epileptic seizures.

Some medical professionals deem THC as Bad part of Cannabis plants just only because of its “High Effects”.

They say you can find about 120 different cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant but it’s about CBD Vs CBG today!

What is CBG?

Before giving a comparison review between CBD and CBG, one must know about some basic terms.

Cannabinoids are the substances that interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the human body.

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There is a whole ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM in the human body which comprises of CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CB1 is mainly associated with the performance and controlling of the Central Nervous system while CB2 binding may affect inflammation, pain, and sleep cycle.

Overall, ECS (Endocannabinoid system) looks after pain, appetite, inflammation, coronary health, and various functions.

According to the experts in the science of Cannabis plant “The human body makes its Cannabinoids and this is a 600 million-year-old process.  [study]

“The two main ones are the Anandamide and 2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG). The cannabis plant has only been around for 30 million years, but contains hundreds of substances that have biological activities, including many plant-based cannabinoids (phytocannabinoids).”

Cannabigerol CBG is not-easy to detect element found in the Cannabis plant which is being studied for its pharmaceutical properties.

The in-vitro (outside human body) studies of CBG were performed on rates where it showed improvements in treating neurodegeneration, colitis, and cancer.

Although Cannabis plants do not always secret CBD in a large amount like CBD and it is also required in bulk to execute plenty of studies.

Is CBG the Next CBD? Here's What You Should Know

In the realm of phytocannabinoids, CBD is mostly discussed medicinal part of the cannabis plant but this doesn’t make CBG any less effective.

CBG is a precursor or you can say the real originator of CBD, CBC, and THC. To some Cannabis geeks, it’s like a stem cell that produces THC, CBD, and CBC from its inactive form.

The CBGA that is an inactive and acidic form of CBG, upon breaking down becomes a base molecule from which other compounds like THC or CBD arise.

CBD Vs CBG – Comparing Both Compounds

Both CBD and CBG are different compounds extracted from the same plant, as mentioned CBG helps make CBD which is used in several health conditions.

Buying safe and effective CBD Oil in this regard is very important.

What makes CBD and CBG similar is the non-psychoactive effects which mean none of them are used to alter mental state.

They are used to improve mental clarity and have the power to battle against depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental hazards.

CBG is similar to CBD in terms of neutralizing the intoxicating effects of THC. The CBG in studies is proven to activate the CB1 receptors which are the receptors for CBD, this receptor is responsible for counteracting the psycho-activation.

It is an appetite stimulator as seen on lab animals like rats.

CBD doesn’t work in that area as some phytocannabinoids are used to balance appetite like THCV, this can lead to weight loss.

CBG Health Benefits

Most parts of CBG benefits are supported by some early studies showing CBG could be a part of promising treatments.

what Is CBG and How Is It Different from CBD?

Not every benefit of CBG mentioned below is clinically proven to be effective in humans, however, the claims are mostly “Unfounded”.

  • CBG Inhibits GABA Reuptake

The result for GABA reuptake inhibition is muscle relaxation, fatigue relief, and calm and peace sensation. The point was made by Dr. Bonni Goldstein, M.D who is currently a physician and a current specialty in Cannabis medicine. She has made several claims one of which is supported by the 1975 study on CBG.

“CBG could potentially decrease anxiety because of decreased GABA uptake”. GABA uptake inhibitors are already used to overcome anxiety, available in many pharmaceutical firms.

  • CBG Treats Glaucoma and High Intraocular Pressure

This is something one should note; CBD does not treat high IOP or Glaucoma but THC does!

To avoid the high effects of THC, one can use CBG to treat Glaucoma which is without the intoxicating effects. CBG studies related to Glaucoma states “Cannabigerol and related Cannabis are used as a therapy to treat increased intraocular pressure which mainly occurs in Glaucoma. According to world-renowned physician and cannabis expert, it’s important to run CBG or Cannabis as an additional therapy to your prescription medicines.

  • Antibacterial- Particularly MRSA

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA is a Staph infection that is commonly resistant to the antibiotic called Methicillin. This can give birth to dangerous and life-threatening bacterial infections. The role of CBG in treating MRSA was showed by the study in 2008.  As an anti-bacterial agent, CBG could treat bacterial infections and it certainly shows great promise.

  • Effective Against Inflammation, Colitis and Bowel Disease

CBG is popular for treating Colitis in rats, the 2013 study concludes. Other results were also positive where CBF reduced the effect of Colitis, abdominal pain, joint pain, nausea, poor aperture, cramping, and even diarrhea. But there aren’t many studies claiming CBG as an isolated compound.

  • CBD Prevents Neurodegenerative and Huntington’s Disease

In lab mice, CBG along with other phytocannabinoids can treat neurodegeneration, 2015 study claims. Huntington’s Disease is also covered in this arena, CBG balances the abnormal genes which play the main part in brain degeneration. You can also say CBG works as Neuroprotective compound, says Dr.Goldstein to Shape.

  • Potent Against Cancer

CBG prevents the proliferation of cancer cells, proven in lab studies. There was an article published in 2009 which shows that CBG could be a preventive therapy to stop the growth of the tumor. The preclinical data extracted from a study from 2016 states “The non-psychoactive agents derived from the cannabis plant (CBD and CBG) could directly prevent the tumor progression and increase the efficacy of the first-line therapies”.  CBG can be used as an appetite enhancer in cancer patients who are getting their Chemotherapy treatment.

  • CBG and Inflammation

It shows remarkable activity against inflammation including the skin. One study of 2007 suggests CBG can prevent psoriasis and eczema. It also prevents the inflammation caused by the Inflammatory Bowel Disease”.

How to Get CBG from Cannabis Plant?

The consumption of Cannabis plants whether, in smoke, tincture, or edible form, one may always be getting a little bit of CBG in pure natural form.

There have been no reports of the side effects by CBD alone or its precursors i.e. CBD, CBC, or THC.

The Four Pillars of Quality Cannabis Processing

There are no supplements yet which provides a 100% CBG formula, but doctors recommend checking before adding medication or OTC supplements to your diet.

Does CBG Interact with Drugs?

There are no drug interactions of Over the Counter Medicines with CBG.

In case if you are already consuming any medicines, it is best to consult with your healthcare provider.

CBD has the power to modify the metabolism of some medicines, but any proof about CBG s still unknown.

Don’t stop taking any medications to use CBG oil unless your healthcare provider tells you to do so.


Few points which have been clarified from the CBD Vs CBG comparison reviews are:

  • CBG is different than THC and CBD
  • It’s a natural precursor of THC, CBD, and various other Cannabinoids
  • It has various health benefits

The market for CBD and other Cannabinoids is becoming huge since they are now used for pain management and to treat epilepsy in children, sleep deficiency in adults and so many other ailments.

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It is important to know the difference between CBG and CBD which is not too much, but understanding the right dosage of these components will help you come with a mild intervention against serious health conditions.

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